Relationships and Cam Girls

What is a relationship on cam?

This has been a touchy subject, and before I started to pick up this topic I had a good look around, in 2020, what the fuck is a relationship these days, what are people thinking when they hear that word, besides the world having commitment issues starting since the digital revolution, there is still a huge load of emotions and meanings behind the word Relation.  Because everyone is different and no one is the same you can assume that this is the same for relationships. Some crave for affection and love, others for companionship, and some do not want any of it all. A relationship can be seen as an invisible claim on someone else and his presence on this planet. Relationships are developing through time and bonds are tightened or broken. What is a perfect situation for person A does not have to be perfect for person B, so A and B should never meet, however, they might do, and it might happen here, on our website. So, we should add to the TOS of our website the following clause “we are not responsible for you fucking up a relationship!”. A Relationship on cam comes with benefits. You can turn off the PC and walk away from it. You can decide to stop this at any given moment of the day, you are not obligated to remain in the relationship.

Emotions on the Cam

So, you are going to use the word “relationship” in the next conversation you have with your cam girl, we hope sincerely you find what you are looking for, but on this topic, we feel slightly obligated to give you some information.  First of all, emotions are a product on the live cam platforms, from Desire to Lust, from Disappointment to Excitement. We have it all for you, it depends on you where you put your feet, and preferable not on an Emotional Land Mine. So, we will share some facts that contain 99% of truth.

  1. A cam girl is not going to invite you to her home town to meet her parents. 
    Despite you want to go the traditional way, there is not a chance in hell that you will elevate from a paying client to a house friend and soon to be her husband. It is a nice fantasy, but when you are in a situation like this, you need to ask yourself if you are being naive or just plain stupid.
  2. You cant turn a cam girl in a classic Call Girl
    If you think that you have access to her heart and wallet, then, by all means, do not think that money is a motivation for her to meet you in real life. In many cases, it is the opposite. The girl is behind a webcam cause it gives her a safe feeling and she remains in control, who are you to take that away unless you meet a golddigger, we wish you all the best!
  3. She will not answer your love
    Emotions on the webcam are based on a commercial relationship. It is the same as a shop owner wishing you a great day and telling you he will be happy to see you soon again. If you are naive you might think he can not live without you so you feel obligated to feed him with your business, this is exactly what we want you to understand!
  4. She will care for you
    There is a genuine part of her caring for you. There is nothing fake about this, and caring for you can go a long end. Woman on the webcam are certainly not made of ice, they are not programmed to forget you, they do care when they feel a connection with you, and I think this caring feeling is top of the hill and you should cherish it and not try to push it to something bigger or more but there is this 1% that do match online and they do meet and do they get married and they are happy! So, take these paragraphs as an informative lesson for free.

Is it even possible?

There are stories that have passed our ears in the last 20 years, it has always been a black and white area, hardly any gray in the middle. Yes, we know of about 100+ cam models who have engaged with their client online into the real world and it worked out fine for them. They might be the kind of people that do not grow up in school together, they might not have this deep past, but they do know what they are worth. The woman knows the man did use his money to buy her time, but is taking her out for dinner any different? not much. So in the end, relationships have transformed into a more digital form and the old ways have been replaced by modern techniques. So, yes it is very possible, but it demands from both sides an open and honest approach. There is no space for being naive and dreaming about the impossible when you are down to earth and your partner is the same then it is maybe a healthy start to check each other out on the webcam by the use of having sessions together. Maybe every new relationship should have this “Trial Run”