As you can see, I am red-haired, cute, and of course naughty. It’s easy to make me laugh and win me over, but I’m also easily annoyed, so be careful! Some useful facts about me: I am small, about 160 cm, shoe size 38, breasts size… let’s put it this way – my back is happy with it. I am 28 years old, so please don’t call me neither “baby” nor “mommy”. I have not always been a redhead, but let’s leave the past in the past. Now I am quite a natural redhead. I speak fluent English, and I prefer that this is the language used in my chat. I don’t do shows except here in my room and do not accept payment methods other than tokens. I really don’t like private messages. My room is a public place, so don’t whisper in my ear, speak in front of everyone. If your conversation is too personal and intimate, you can always take me private! I am a living person, not a piece of meat in a display case, so feel free to take an interest in me and chat. My room rules: Very simple! Do not sit hidden and silent like a ninja! It’s doesn’t kill you to say “Hello, Sasha”, if you going to spend your time in my room. You can ask about a special service or discount, it’s fine, but if you get my refusal, please stop immediately. There is a thin fringe between enterprising and begging.

Come to my live Sex Cam Room, I promise I will be kind for you!