Margo Chest

Many people may not like me. This is normal, we are all different people and there is no need to blame me for this or write nasty things to me. If you don’t like the fact that I don’t fuck myself for free, it doesn’t mean that I am a bad model or only want tokens. A pleasant conversation is key to a good relationship. Therefore, be kind and do not voice your grievances in my room. If you are in a bad mood, you can share about it and I will do my best to make you feel better. For a pleasant relationship, you must adhere to the rules and respect personal space. Don’t ask for a free show, do not be rude and do not manipulate, respect my knight, and do not take my or his requests for an insult, I am the boss in this room so you don’t need to teach me what to do and how to do it. I don’t need your dicks in private messages. If you do not know how to communicate with a girl, then do not risk writing to me because I will block you.

Let’s have a nice time in my chat room, visit me now and we will take it from there.