Lexy Larrie

I am a really tender person with a lot to share, starting with my body until the day you wanna reach my personality. I love to be caressed and appreciated. I understand everybody, I try not to judge people from the beginning. I am a people person. I like to meet new people and listen to them and help with advice when needed. I am also an extrovert and that helps a lot. I am really energic and I like to have fun, especially at work. Having a job where you can have fun is pretty hard to find, but here there are no limits. My biggest dream is to become a supermodel. I would love to travel the whole world one day. I like to draw, doing it since I was little. I love art. All kinds of art: music, painting, dance. I feel like art is making us come together as a society. I am really creative so drawing for me is kind of easy. I love making drawings as gifts when I get the opportunity.

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