Gretta Gruw

Hi, I’m Gretta and I am 21. I’m from gloomy Saint-P, the northern capital of Russia. My parents concentrated all their attention on my younger brother, so I used to expose myself in an extraordinary way. Sometimes I can get frustrated if I’m ignored. When I was 6 we camped at the seaside with my parents and I climbed the top of 60 feet rock because mom and dad left me alone and romped with my brother. I nearly fell down but got rescued by a foreigner. In high school, I always tried to be the brightest starlet. I had chosen the study of journalism and media. I love to improve my fit and my mind. I prefer fitness, healthy consumption, and reading novels. In my own time, I make a few blogs. Some of them are very private and sensitive. I’m always ready to listen to you, but sometimes I am the soul who needs somebody as a good listener. I love people and what they do: art, sport, love. I believe that we should be kind to each other, talk about our issues, and don’t be shy to reveal our inner world.

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