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How to Make the Most of Your Camming Experience

To make this article work for you, the 1st thing you need to create your free member account by using your e-mail address to confirm your sign up.  A simple 2 minutes on this link and you can come back here. Now you have your account information and you can log on to the platform here. The first thing people do, and probably you will too, is to browse the huge number of cams we have online every moment of the day. This is truly a 24.7 Platform where no one sleeps! The navigation of the cam site is clearly located on the LEFT side of your monitor, we have created categories and filled it up with the matching models. The navigation and the models under the matching categories have been carefully selected by hand. We have used the Alfabetic order to rank the categories, and this makes it easier to find your favorite niche.

The profile Page

This is the virtual door to a cam room. You can find on her profile the Free Chat Box where you will see the performer waiting for her visitors. But as said, this is a front door, you have an exclusive free view on this for a limited time. This time is enough to determine if she is for real and if she comes close to how you have imagined her to be! Under the Chat Box that stretches in a horizontal way, you will find here the Free Content and Premium Content the performer made available.  The free content can be a set of pictures or a complete album, or a short clip she made for you, called a ‘Teaser’ and serves as a seductive tool to get you in her room. Let’s be honest, we already wanted to take her private and skip all these options, but we know there are people who want to be sure before they pull out their card.  The Premium content is locked for a reason, it is explicit content and according to the rules, anything on her profile page should be Safe for Work to Browse. Sure, you are on a porn site, so we know both where this will end, but sure, Safe for Work!  When you top your account with credits, you can open the albums of your favorite cam performer and admire her exclusive pictures that only you and a few others have seen. On her profile page, you will see also some information she shares with you. besides her age and her body specifications, she also has a Rating Area, you can see here how she has been valued by her fans. Some performers have thousands of reviews, some are new and still have to gather their first 10. This also explains why in some rooms you see the model asking for a rating. This will help her ranking on the website and increase her potential earnings. So, if you feel like being nice, give your cam performer a nice rating after the session, she will remind this generous gesture and make sure you will be thanked for this when you come back to the room.

Ones you are in private

Do not tell me you have not plaid with the idea to have an interactive sex session on the webcam with a nice girl! We all do. But not many actually take this step and progress from a Freeloader to a client who pays for exclusive time and sessions. To make sure you get the best out of your visit to her room, make sure that you agree with her about your wishes and needs in the FREE CHAT room. Let’s be honest, this is what the Introduction chat is made for, touche and feel and make out for yourself if this is a good match. When you are in private, all other sessions on the performer their monitor close and there will be a unique Webcam to Webcam Connection established over a secure connection (https) you are now in private with her, unique and alone, you have her all for yourself. A few Witty opening lines to break the ice and switch to the naughty side when you see the appropriate moment. We will share a few tips with you on how to make the best out of your Premium Experience.

  • Because the live cam performer is willing to get undressed it not means this works with commands. You and the model are still human, so enjoy the moment to start seducing and teasing. This is the way we do it in real life too, right. Nothing is any different here, only the fact you both know what to expect from each other, now it is up to you to enjoy this ride as natural as you can. Never show force, this is dehumanizing and makes you look like a total jerk. If you do have a certain block of time in mind then you agree to this IN FREE CHAT!  Make sure you remain honest and open this helps the performer to help you even better with your needs.
  • There is no need to share personal information with the performer, best is to never do it. You have already your account, you are already able to top your account with credits, you have done pretty much everything that we ask from you before to go private. Nothing else is needed. To remain in compliance with the website rules, you are not allowed to exchange personal information, this is for your safety! Breaking this rule will result in you being banned, and then this means your favorite cam girl can not contact you anymore. Be cautious with your account, do not break the rules! Accounts are never reinstated, no one is given a second chance!
  • When you are in private, and you have managed to get her out of her clothing and you are naked as well, the situation might occur where the model is asking you to open your webcam. Many girls enjoy their job online and they want to see some flesh too. Girls love to watch a guy jerk off on their bodies. They get a feeling of pride and joy and feel sexual stimulation also. They are no robots, they feel emotions and lusts also. Make sure when you show your webcam that the background is neutral, she should only focus on you!
  • All good things come to an end, and so is the session. We assumed you remained 10-15 minutes in her room, and you feel so good right now, you still want to make her feel special, this is possible! We added the option to send her a virtual gift that will convert into a real currency in her room, so when you send her flowers, we will send that amount you spend on the digital flowers to her account so she can buy the flowers! We have many different ways of TIPPING the model and you will probably find something that matches how you feel. From Golden Rings to Cars, from a simple dinner to a bunch of roses!

And let us end on this note, we want you to enjoy your time, and 98% of the people really do, but the real power of satisfaction is in your own actions. This means that you get the best out of this contact when you are honest, open and flexible, remain calm and patient. These are skill sets that are highly appreciated in the live cam world! Enjoy your stay at