Hello, I am Fara, 21 years, I have a sexy body, I can not complain cause every time I went naked people needed some moments to catch their breath. I have sexy eyes, some do not know what color they are, they can be blue, they can be grey, they can be like the ocean when the storm hits the water turns wild. I am here to explore people, in general, guys. The gender group we can complain so much about but we can not live without them. It is something I am trying to understand for some time, but I gave up, people are too different, no one is the same. When you are in my room, you will notice I am going to find out something about you, the things that make you hot, the things that made you like me. And when I know them all, I will make sure that it will work out for both of us, you will enjoy me, and I will enjoy you!

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