Eva Cookies

Hello everyone, I’m Eva and I dream of cookies and of saving for my dream house that I want to build. I live in Russia and I am a student who lives separately from my family and for a living with the help of a webcam. I am a very kind and open person with my goals and dreams. Every month I put off a part of my cookies and donations to make my dreams come true. while it’s hard for me because I’m not a top model who can make a lot of cookies and money, but I’m always glad that I have, no matter how much everyone is willing to donate on my broadcast. I am honest and kind, and I think I will be very nice to you when you are with me. We do not have to get married, but a little fooling around is nice, let’s huggle and snuggle a little.

Let’s have a nice time together in my room. We can play a naughty game!