Dulcie Richard

Hi, I’m Joyсe. I am 19 years old and I come from Japan, but most of my life lived in Russia. Now I study at the Economic Faculty, I love mathematics. I am funny, kind, and shy. I love to listen to music, dance, take photos, talk about everything, draw, walk and cook. I really like Asian, Italian and Russian cuisine. I am bisexual. I am a fragile submissive girl, I like courageous, strong men. Enough about me, I give the keyboard to my girlfriend: Hello, I’m 19 years old, nice to meet you. I live in Russia and really like to communicate with different people. I spend my free time very simply, I watch anime, movies, or TV series and drink soda. If you want to be friends with me, then just be yourself. Do not be shy and eager to communicate, in this case, I will definitely distinguish you from the background of other people.

I welcome you into my live cam bedroom. Tell me who you are, let’s connect!