Hello, I am Carol, and yesterday I made this profile on KittensLive, they look like a nice cam site and I have talked with the support and it seems I am looking very young for my age so I wanted to make sure they would accept me, yes, last month I turned 18. Yes, I also look like I am going to enjoy this. I am Bisexual, I had my first experience with my best girlfriend, she is now engaged, so we can not fool around anymore unless I am open to a threesome, but that sounds tricky to me. I don’t want to be the 5th wheel on a wagon. Okay, enough talking about me, what about you? Are you brave enough to talk me out of my clothing? Would you have the balls to tell your real lady you made virtual sex with a 18 year old? I guess not, so this is why I like to make sure you understand that whatever happens between us, it will remain between us for the rest of our lives. Looking forward to seeing you come to my room and make me a introduction. Let’s connect on higher levels.

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