Cam Show Variations

What do we offer!

There are different types of cam shows we have for you on, and we will break them down in different types. We also keep in mind that our visitors are Male and Female. We do proudly admit that we know women love to watch porn too and enjoy it in their own way.

  1. Lesbian – Gay Webcams 
    These are couples who are in a committed relationship and are able to share this with like-minded people. However, these kinds of rooms do also attract hetero people who are curious and want to have a taste from the other side. In many cases, these couples are broadcasting on fixed times as they consider their hobby as a real job.
  2. Threesome Webcams
    We have them, but not as much as we would love to see them. Threesomes still speak to many of their imagination and fantasies. These kinds of rooms attract many different types of visitors, there is an informative value in these rooms for people who wish to experiment also with an extra partner in their own relationship. It sometimes starts on the cam!
  3. Fetish and Fantasy Webcams
    These webcams explain themselves, they are occupied by LifeStyle Fetish Performers. We do not list people who are not related to this niche, especially because it demands a certain knowledge of everything that involves a complete fulfilling Fetish Webcam Session.
  4. Striptease and Flirting
    These are the innocent cams, the shy girls, they want to feel it and are so desperate, but they need a helping help getting them undressed and naked on the bed. In many cases these performers are not putting out on command, they feel like doing it or not, it depends also on how you are with them.
  5. Solo Cam Girls Online
    The most favorite area, girls with all sorts of differences in shapes, sizes, colors, etc. These are the performers that will not fear a one on one session with you, they will try to please you and their goal is to make sure you want them the next time again! They work hard and give pleasure!

What kind of people watch cams?

Our webcams listed on Webcam24H are visited by people from all over the world. We have seen hundreds of single men searching in google every day for a Cam Girl Friend, but couples, married or in a partnership, are also looking for cams. Relationships can be strengthened when you experiment, and doing this on the webcam is safe in many ways. In many cases the live cam girl can be engaging in a relationship between 2 people, this can help the trust between people. Sex is and always be a game of Trust, Balance and Give and Take.  Live cam porn can be used as an inspiration for you and your female partner. You can prevent awkward emotions and feelings in many ways when you do not like it, you close the connection!

How much does this costs?

You might be offended or surprised that this is not free. You already pay for your internet every month so why pay? We always say to those people “When you buy a car, you still have to pay for the gasoline to drive it” and this makes people sometimes understand that cam girls are not objects for free you can shout at, throw stones at, they deserve more respect than that! The costs of a private session are different per room. You have performers who ask a very low fee and this not means the quality is bad, it could mean that this cam room has received to less attention and by powering the price they compensate the time invested! And then there are the extreme glamour cam rooms that can charge up to $9.99 per minute. We always think that those rooms are for the people who really do not mind throwing a few hundred bucks away every night for some exclusive time. And we are perfectly happy with this. Models in that price area might have lesser traffic and attention, the ones who do take them privately are in for a high-quality cam show with a good looking model, in most cases, these are glamour models or the ones with a huge fan base! Besides paying for their time, you can also use your credits to send tips, virtual presents and buy their premium content that is not available to free members.

Where is my favorite model?

If you can not find your favorite model on our website, then it means we have located her under a more fitting domain name. We advise you to browse and see if we have reviewed her there. If you can still not find here, send us a Skype message (acc:fruitboertje) name with the performer her/his model name and we will add the cam room to our website. This can be a very nice way of you helping someone online increasing their revenues online.

The last message for you

We felt like we still have something to say, so we end this article with some tips that are given by our team members.

  1. Always use Positive Distrust. 
    Investigate where you put your heart! Do not be Naive. You are not picked out of a pool with thousands of guys, you are the pool and represent all guys for the performer.
  2. Never send money to her
    Despite you feel that you can help her, never send money to the cam performer. This for obvious reasons. You can keep visiting her in her room, this is the same as sending her money!
  3. Most girls are in a relationship!
    The truth of the matter is, most cam performers have healthy relationships outside their work. They are not obligated to tell you, why would they. In their room they are independent and nothing matters, they will not eliminate for you the option to pretend you can become her friend.
  4. There are good Girls and Bad Girls
    Like in the real world, you can learn to recognize the good and the bad. We urge you to attend her free room and see how she acts to other people. There is a lot of information to ‘see’ before you take her private!

We really hope that you will enjoy only nice moments with the people on our cam site. They are here to share moments with you, moments that you can add to your memories for life. These are the priceless things in life you can only find when you start with us! Thank you for reading!